About us

About GT-Tech

G-Tech was founded in 2000. It is considered a pioneer company in arranging, planning and organizing seminars, celebrations and conferences for companies, banks, medical associations, and exhibitions. All of this is done through the application of its unique method in the organization of conferences and through its firm belief in the need to establish a working group comprising talented and distinguished individuals. Furthermore, G Tech promises customers to serve them through deep vision of the ways of implementing and coordinating conferences, and to provide integrated services to meet all the requirements of its customers, participants as well as sponsors.

Our Vision

In G- Tech we believe in honesty, transparency, professionalism and creativity, as we work according to the company's concept and seek to establish a close and long-term relationships with our clients as they are the main elements in our journey towards achieving success.

Our Target:

Our goal is mainly focused on the clients' requirements and the quality of services offered. Moreover, our staff provides creative and professional vision, the experience and skill necessary to create the best events with a high focus on details and quality for optimal results. Thus, our target is to provide services that meet our customers’ satisfaction and accordingly leads to the establishment of long-term relationships with them.

The following Equipment is available

We have all your needs

• Lasers
• Videos
• Projectors
• Screens
• Plasma screens
• Personal computers
• Notebooks
• Decorations
• Indoor stages
• Outdoor covered stages
• Sound system to fit the event
• Theatrical lighting
• Chairs
• booths
• Network communication
• Printing
• Interpreter
• Translation booth
• Backdrop
• Microphone
• Recorder
• Giveaways
• Video Streaming
• photographer