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Organizing The Venues

Here in G-Tech, in the management and the organization of seminars, conferences and meetings we care about every single detail in the coordination of the hall starting with the platform location, height, the technical distribution of lighting and audio in addition to the decoration, publications and flowers. Thus, we create harmony between creative minds and technical innovations, to be a tool in your hand for the success of your business so that you can deliver your goals and targets to the attendees and so that your seminar or conference would be more distinctive.

Organizing events, seminars and conferences

We provide specialized conference organizers who are able to organize your special events, starting from the idea through execution. We develop and analyze the needs and demands with the event organizer. Then we establish the event plan, preview the event place, choose the hotels and other locations to set up a successful event. We always do our best to choose the ideal place for the customers to establish the desired event and send messages via e-mail to potential attendees as a kind of promotion, advertising and reporting. This is in addition to providing service for car renting and managing the event on the scheduled day, as a result, our specialized organizers of the conference provide you with you a complete offer.

The Design

At G-Tech, in the management and organization of seminars, conferences and meetings we care about having a full team of creative designers to not only prepare designs that clarifies the details, but also do all the necessary designs for the event as well as present it to the client and to take all comments into consideration.

Management of seminars and conferences

We undertake the preparation of a full seminar and conference program as well as providing all necessary publications, meet the participants and prepare the identification cards, handles the logistics and prepare all the necessary reports that contribute to the success of the event.


G-Tech provides the latest audio and video appliances, lighting and photography equipment that are appropriate for the event and are of high quality as the company offers.

International and scientific conferences

The company also provides interpretation and translation services for one or more set of languages up to eight languages according to the requirements of the conference. Thus, we provide experienced translators and high-level equipment.

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Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies, media trends and are keen to prove themselves in this industry and that’s what you want from an advertising agency, not someone who is relying.

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